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The PlantPower Revolution Plus
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  • A Simple, 3-Phase Plan Covered in 5 Modules
  • With this Plan, you can immediately start kicking your food addictions to the curb, lose weight and build self-confidence.
  • 27 Instructional Videos On Everything From Nutrition to Kitchen Gadgetry to Lifestyle Change to Self-Care
  • This will be invaluable in helping you to understand WHY the program works, and that knowledge is power! It will also help you create a sustainable healthy mindset, and form lasting good habits around stocking your kitchen, cooking, eating out and navigating temptation so you can feel prepared and empowered in your journey.
  • 5 Workout Videos and a Yoga Video
  • Did I mention I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor? These videos will be show you the best way to work out for weight loss, and they can be done in the gym or in the privacy of your home with little or no equipment. I also show modifications for different fitness levels.
  •  11 Cooking Tutorials on Some of My Most Popular Recipes
  • I’ll take the guesswork out and make cooking a simple, fun part of your journey. Remember, I don’t believe in meal prep and my goal is 30 minutes in the kitchen or less!
  •  A Closed Facebook Group with Optional Weekly Weigh-ins, and 2 Coaching Calls Per Week via Facebook Livestream
  • You’ll never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us in the Facebook community and on LIVE group calls so you can be held accountable and receive ongoing feedback and support.

Special Early Bird Bonuses
My professionally published book, The InnerStrength Life: A Blueprint for Finding Empowerment Through Weight Loss & Vibrant Health.
My book was years in the making, and it not only includes the exclusive plan you’ll be following in this program as well as 67 delicious recipes, but my personal story of weight loss, recovery from illness and finding the real me.
Through my book, you will also learn exactly how I stock my kitchen to avoid ever having to meal prep!

My Artisan-Crafted InnerStrength Token Bracelet
This beautiful token bracelet will be a daily reminder of your inner strength and commitment to yourself.
Your Very Own InnerStrength Strong Mind Strong Body Hoodie OR Women’s Tee When You Send Me Your Testimonial of Success and Your Before and After Pics!
I’m so excited to hear about your success on the Plan that I’ll send your choice of my exclusively branded, cozy unisex hoodie or women’s cut tee so you can proudly display your badassery!
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